Our motto is to, Help US help YOU, Grow your money. Here we tell you about the role(s) of our financial adviser. Our financial advisers become a part of your life to try and understand your current and future needs like your child’s advanced education, your retirement plan, your kid’s marriage and would also want to take care of any exigency. At FindURSpace, we make sure we have skilled resources to understand your needs and identify a solution that fits the best to your requirements and while they are doing so we ensure they are trained enough with right licenses to make the plans work for you.

Our advisers give you the right advice to direct your money and split it in the right proportion so it grows basis your need and your risk-taking ability. The tenure, whether your investment needs to be long-term, short-term or medium-term is what needs to be understood and done accordingly. Considering we have the tie ups with all major insurers we are in a position to give you the best possible rates. Our advisers journey just doesn’t stop by selling the product to you but also follow through the service needs as and when they arise. Our products would range from Mutual Funds, Fixed deposits at best possible rates, Motor insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement plan, Term Insurance, Medical Insurance & Travel insurance apart from various other products. A mix of all of this basis various needs is discussed and a portfolio is designed basis YOUR need. Our financial advisers educate you on whatever is available in the market, link it to your needs and determine the best plans for you.

Our team understands your needs through a few questions for them to assess the requirements in terms of the plans and mix it accordingly. Like in a recipe its important to have the right ingredients similarly for a financial portfolio it’s important to get a right mix of products to meet your end requirements keeping into account your risk tolerance and financial needs. All of this information is then used to create a comprehensive financial plan for YOU. This works as a road map for your financial future.

Once the plan has been put in place, our adviser would review it periodically to see if there are edits required or to amend the plan basis any change which might be there in your needs. For this our advisers would meet you basis your availability and make amendments if needed.

Role(s) of OUR Financial adviser

Our advisers help you invest and to reach your long-term goals in many ways. Here are few:

  1. Knowhow. Financial advisers know more about investing and managing money than most people. They can guide you to better choices than you might make on your own.
  2. Responsibility. Financial advisers help keep you on track by talking you out of making emotional decisions about your money, like buying a stock that’s been skyrocketing or selling all your stock funds when the market plummets.
  3. Guidance. It’s in the name: Financial advisers can make suggestions about the best strategies to implement to improve your finances, from what to investments to make to what insurance to buy.
  4. Growth. As your life circumstances change, a Financial advisers can help you adjust your financial plan so that it always fits your current situation.
  5. Act. Many people don’t take the steps they should manage their finances because they’re too busy or too uncertain about what to do. Working with a financial adviser means someone else can handle what you don’t have time for and make sure your money is being deployed in the best way.

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