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Through this blog, I wanted to share a real-time experience we have had as a leading digital marketing team and a website development company. About a few months back, we met the owner of a leading khadi seller across pan India. He wanted our help on digital marketing as “as per him”, his web site wasn’t yielding results as he expected from such a lavish web site. As a matter of fact, let me tell you that his website was not created by us, we met them as a consultant as it was not working out for them. After a few telephonic conversations, we got to meet the owner and review the website with him. At this point let me remind you he was a seller of khadi material, after reviewing his website we realized that the front page had all international models using his khadi stuff and basis our analysis that was a major point why the Indian population was not considering their stuff. We reworked on the website and got the new home page done with the Indianized version and relaunched the website. Obviously, we used digital marketing techniques as well and let me share with you that it paid off and within 3 months the ONLINE sales started picking up. The only intention I had as a blogger to share this story was to justify my topic of the day that your business website is the virtual FACE of your business. Since then the customer has been with us and his business has been flourishing.
This is also important considering a recent study which says, an average of 23% growth has been seen in online marketing and sales. Hence, it is important that the customer is able to relate to the website and stuff displayed on it. When we interact with someone, just like our facial expressions does 60% of the talking, expressing our thoughts and ideas through facial expressions. Similarly, the website of your company should make a positive impression on the customers.
One of the other findings we have had during this experience was that the text mentioned on the website should be simple and crisp which a customer should be able to relate to immediately. No one has the time and bandwidth of reading long statements and details about the product. Hence, be crisp, bulleted and to the point so the customer is able to understand and is able to relate to it. There should also be a process in place through which the customer is able to get the queries resolved as well for the products. People are always looking for a user-friendly experience. You should be open to queries and ready to answer them. Overall the website needs to be the image creator of your product and your company and needs to be customer friendly so the customer is easily able to navigate through it and is able to get the concerns answered.
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