FindUrSpace Startup Advisory

FUS is a leading sector and stage agnostic Startup’s LLP with an emphasis on customized services in the areas of Entry Strategy, Sales Structure/ Models, Fundraising, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and connecting the right-minded people.We work with leading financial institutions (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Seed Funds, Banks, and NBFCs), and leading corporates in India & overseas. And our team of accomplished professionals having extensive experience, in-depth domain knowledge of the business and regulatory environment enables our clients to meet their strategic aspirations.

Our name reflects our ethos, based on our experience & research, we incubate and accelerate innovation through rightful Market-entry, funding, and people. Just like finding the right company takes a good eye for opportunity, persistence, and skill – the best combination of strategy, execution, funding people are hard to find.

Our commitment is to entrepreneurs who want to go far beyond the status quo and have a world-changing vision. We believe investing the right resources at the earliest stage is the greatest asset we can bring to your company, whether it’s finding the product market fit, building out your sales and marketing capabilities or introductions to our global network, we also provide you with a carefully curated core team and community of incredible people across the world to help you build your business. FindUrSpace Startup is an advisory firm committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow new ventures as well as helping existing businesses develop a digital presence. We do this by providing entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals.

We leverage technology to help companies launch and grow in the digital age. We help clients lay the foundation for a new venture and put together a strategy for achieving their goals and long term vision. Key services offerings can broadly be classified into Connecting Startup’s with Venture Capitalists; Development to bring ideas into life; Tailor-made Marketing to make you omnipresent; Business Plan, Strategy and Market Research; Business Support Services, and Recruitment.

Most start-ups and entrepreneurs have a strong need for skills and capabilities which are complementary to their own. With our experience in management, finance, strategy, marketing, and development, FindUrSpace Startup can review your business plan, compare it with your goals, and tweak it or suggest ways to improve your chances for success. We help you create a full-fledged business plan, conduct research in your targeted market sector to address unanswered issues, and gauge the resources you need—time, expertise, and people as well as money – to go to market.

Practice System

Our Platform

The FUS labs platform is built on a network of infrastructure of the best community, network and efficient access to capital to support you as you build your company.

Venture Capital

We have a network of venture capitalists and private investors actively looking for deals. If you are a growing business with revenues or a large and growing user base we can help connect you with venture capitalists or do a crowd funding campaign. We invest early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology. We’ll lead your first money in or co-invest alongside others as part of a larger seed round. You’ll benefit from efficient access to smart capital, our global network and our fantastic community of founders. If you are starting out and looking for a lead investor we want to hear from you now.

Development and Marketing

We have a talented team of developers who are committed to bring your ideas to life. We specialize in building online stores, mobile ready websites as well as mobile apps. We also have strong association with technical experts with capabilities in data science and artificial intelligence for products that need to be automated.
We take a holistic approach to marketing. We focus on what your goals and needs are and find a cost-effective solution to achieve them. We specialize in content strategy, brand development, community building and social media management. For more details, pls refer to our Digital Marketing service offerings.

Business Plan, Strategy and Market Research

Entrepreneurs and business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. That’s why a business review or preparation of a strategic plan is a virtual necessity. This may not be a recipe for success, but without it a business is much more likely to fail. A sound business plan & strategy should:

  • Framework for decisions or for securing approval and support.
  • Explain the business to others in order to inform, motivate & involve.
  • Assist benchmarking, performance monitoring and scope for suitable modification to become building block for next plan.

We will help you get you business plan together, build your product, and get to market. Most important tool of strategic business decisions. Market Research information includes but is not limited to data on your customers’ needs, your competitors’ abilities and trends within the industry. Gathering research actual data is critical, even if you’re working on a shoestring budget.

Business Support Services

Business Support Services (BSS) means services provided in relation to business and includes evaluation of prospective customers, telemarketing, processing of purchase orders and fulfilment services, information and tracking of delivery schedules, managing distribution and logistics, customer relationship management services, accounting and processing of transactions, operational assistance for marketing, formulation of customer service and pricing policies, infrastructural support services and other transaction processing. We also partner your growth story as your HR partners with services like Policy formulation, Standard Operating Process (SOPs), Payroll Administration, Statutory Compliance, Employee Engagement, Employee Evaluation, Succession Planning, Exit Management, etc. We provide the flexibility of choosing the level and type of service to take up.

Recruitment Support Services

The growth of a company depends on the talent it has. That again, rests on the processes it follows for recruitment. Get the recruitment process right, and you virtually eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job. Get the process wrong, and you won’t even attract applications from suitable candidates.

FUS recruitment services offers specialist recruitment solutions across wide ranging business functions. Our recruitment process is simple, yet value adding. It involves the understanding of your business and its hiring needs and based on the same, designing our search plan, perform the initial screening of the candidates and validate the credentials of the selected candidates by way of reference checks.

Team FindUrSpace Group is always there with you to solve all your Start-Up Business Requirements. Feel free to Email us your query at