Pricing Strategies

FUS ensures that the right pricing strategy aligns with your business goals, are to maximize profitability, ensure your business’ longevity, and correspondently grow your customer base. We conduct pricing research analysis, strategies and governance for those strategies

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Pricing Strategies

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Pricing Research & Analytics

Extensive pricing research using scientific techniques, market studies and demand supply mechanism. Some of the popular researches:

  • Choice-Based Models
  • Price Elasticities with Regression Analysis
  • Qualitative Pricing Research
  • Conjoint Analysis
Pricing strategy

B2B pricing involves identification of priorities, design & develop the strategy, execution including test runs, iterations and arriving at pricing excellence

B2C pricing involves strategy alignment, analytics & insights, implementation of pricing techniques, identify quick wins, Re-strategize and promotional activities

Pricing Governance

Governance of pricing involving competition benchmarking, and industry specific global best practices

FUS pricing strategies

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